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What we do

At Statkraft, we develop and operate renewable energy assets, buy and sell energy and invest 100 per cent of our growth entirely in renewables. We have been making clean energy possible for over a century and continue to lead the way towards a carbon free future.

Statkraft Ireland holds a comprehensive range of capabilities for the development of renewable energy projects of all scales, ranging from the initial feasibility stage to operational management. Our areas of expertise include:

Power generation

Coole Wind Farm project


The Statkraft Ireland team has significant development experience with individuals working in the wind development sector for up to 20 years and people who are experts in their field including site selection, environmental assessment, grid connection, turbine technology, wind evaluation and community engagement. This experience is now being used to develop both wind and solar renewable energy projects.

See our projects under development


Statkraft Ireland has overseen the construction of more than 300MW over the last 8 years and ensure that renewable projects are built on budget and within programme in a safe manner. Statkraft Ireland have commenced the construction of the 23.5MW Kilathmoy project, which is now completed and has been operational since February 2020.

Read more about the Kilathmoy project

Monaincha wind farm, one of the wind farms managed by Statkraft in Ireland, on behalf of the owners.

Asset management

Statkraft Asset Management has established itself as one of the leading 3rd party Windfarm Operations and Management service providers in Ireland. Managing from Cork just under 400MW of 3rd party wind assets and 4MW of grid stabilising equipment across 14 windfarms. Statkraft also owns and operates 11 wind farms in the UK and the Nordics with a combined installed capacity of over 1,000 MW.

Read more about our asset management

Grid services

Statkraft, with one of the world’s largest Virtual Power Plants, is ideally positioned to manage flexible assets using its advanced algorithmic trading infrastructure in real time. This approach maximises the value of the assets in all available physical markets while supporting the further integration of renewables.

Battery storage is going to revolutionise the energy landscape by providing the flexibility necessary to integrate increasing levels of intermittent renewables while maintaining security of supply.

Read more about our grid services

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