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About Statkraft in Ireland

Statkraft has been making clean energy possible for over a century. Today, we are Europe’s largest renewable energy producer and a global company in energy market operations.

Statkraft is already playing a leading role in the transition to a low carbon future and believe that the company’s experience and capabilities will be of service to Ireland in this transition over the coming years.

In Ireland, Statkraft develops, builds, owns and operates renewable energy projects. It is experienced in a diverse range of technologies such as onshore wind, solar, offshore wind, battery storage and grid services. It is also involved in the trading and origination of power from our own projects and those of third parties.

Since entering the market in 2018, Statkraft Ireland has more than tripled its workforce and tripled its development portfolio. It is one of the selected growth markets for wind and solar power in Statkraft, given the country’s significant renewable energy resources, particularly in terms of wind energy.

Further investments in Irish renewables fit well into Statkraft’s growth strategy. The company’s global ambition is to develop 2,500-3,000 MW of renewable energy capacity annually from 2025. This includes Statkraft Ireland's ambitious plans to roll out 3 GW of renewable energy projects in Ireland by 20230. 

Developing new partnerships

Statkraft has a long history of fostering strategic partnerships for the development of renewables and this is evident in its new business wing.

Statkraft is interested in growing its position within the Irish renewable energy market. As a partner, Statkraft Ireland offers unrivalled development capability, financial strength and extensive expertise in technology and markets. As the largest providers of renewable energy in Europe, Statkraft has developed extensive experience in developing positive, long lasting partnerships for the benefit of all parties involved.

The development of strong partnerships is central to Statkraft’s intention to play a significant role in assisting to decarbonise Ireland’s electricity generation system and we would like to work with all groups with whom we share this common goal.

We are interested in working with all interested parties, including other developers, local authorities, grid operators and local communities where opportunities exist that would warrant consideration for renewable energy projects. Statkraft is committed to the ethical development of suitable and appropriate renewable energy projects that will deliver effective climate action.

As a part of decarbonising Irelands electricity generation system, Statkraft Ireland is primarily focused on the development of wind energy, solar energy, electricity storage facilities such as battery storage development along with the development of other grid services that would facilitate the removal of fossil fuels from our electricity system. We are also interested in offering our operational management expertise to existing renewable energy generators along with developing power purchase agreements with interested parties.

Addressing climate change and decarbonising our society will require collective effort. Effective climate action will only be achieved by individuals, companies, organisations and government working together towards a common goal. This goal should not only be to meet our International Climate Obligations but to position Ireland as a leading player in the international Climate Action tables.

Powering possibilities


Where we operate in Ireland

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Numbers we’re proud of

  • 60 TWh
    Environment-friendly power generation
  • 97%
    Renewable energy
  • 6,000 employees
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