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Explore how you can shape the future at Statkraft

From working at the heart of our operations to developing the business models of the future, your opportunities in Statkraft are endless.

Two Statkraft employees inside the machine hall of Erzhausen pump storage power plant.
Photo: Oliver Tjaden / Statkraft


Our engineers are at the leading edge of renewable technologies, driving and shaping our own business and incentivizing others to reduce their emissions too.

As a Statkraft engineer, you’ll be working with some of the most advanced technologies and challenging engineering projects in the industry.

Whether you use your engineering skills to optimise our projects, increase output from our assets or design tomorrow’s renewable energy solutions, you will be at the heart of our mission to lead the shift to a world based on renewable energy.

We take on engineering talents within areas such as:

  • Technical engineering
  • Project development and new business initiatives within renewables
  • Project management
Female Statkraft employee
Photo: Alexander Hagstadius

Technical operations

As a Statkraft technician, you’ll be joining the core of our business and ensuring that clean energy keeps flowing from our power plants.

Operations and maintenance is the heart of our global energy business, ensuring that our power plants run smoothly and keep providing the world with renewable energy.

Service our wind turbines 90 meters above the ground, perform troubleshooting and diagnostics on a turbine fault or make sure that every piece of equipment is operated safely and responsibly.

As part of our large technical operations team, you’ll get to know our machinery better than anyone and help ensure that our assets operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

The technical operations team covers areas such as:

  • Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting
  • Building and repair
  • Programming and installing electronic measurement equipment
  • Safety
  • Improvement of operational procedures
  • Maintenance planning and execution
  • Tool maintenance
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Business development

In a changing energy industry, our business developers are finding new ways of creating long-term value for Statkraft, while driving a sustainable and renewable energy future.

With our diverse portfolio of global, ground breaking projects, you’ll get to take part in activities that shape the energy future. We invest 100 per cent of our growth in renewable energy and you can have an important say in those investments.

Whether we are cultivating partnerships or commercial relationships, or identifying new markets, products or services, our business developers help find the bright ideas and make them a reality.

We employ people within areas such as:

  • Strategy and commercial development
  • Project development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sell-downs
  • Identification and development of new business initiatives

Digital & IT

Leading the shift to a world based on renewable energy requires state of the art technology solutions. To accomplish this mission, we need the brightest digital talents to lead the way.

In a tech-focused role at Statkraft, you’ll help run the world’s most advanced renewable power plants within hydro, wind and solar, and develop the innovative technologies that power our virtual power plants and EV charging infrastructure.  

Whether your passion lies in optimising our energy production through predictive analysis, creating seamless interaction with our customers or using AI to automate our trading process, opportunities for IT professionals in Statkraft are infinite.

We’re looking for digital talents within areas such as:

  • Software engineering & development
  • Infrastructure engineering & architecture
  • Cloud service engineering & architecture
  • Application/system engineering & architecture
  • Process management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Cyber security analysis, architecture and operations
  • Data science & AI
  • Analytics, from data engineers via scripting to advanced mathematical modelling
  • UX & design thinking
  • Project management
  • Business consulting
Photo: Alexander Hagstadius

Sales & origination

We are shaping the energy transition across Europe by bringing renewable energy to the market in new and innovative ways.

As an Originator, Energy Manager or Project Manager in Customer Solutions, you will shape the energy transition from the front row. The core business consists on one side of purchasing electricity directly from numerous generators and on the other of finding the right energy solutions for large industrial customers and energy suppliers.

In addition to our own renewable energy production, we manage the largest third-party supplier portfolio in Europe and are active on all major energy markets. Our portfolio and expertise constitute the right basis to develop tailored solutions for both producers and consumers. Additionally, your activities will be key to the development and continued operation of green power generation plants.

We employ people within areas such as:

  • Origination
  • Sales
  • Business development
  • Customer solar solutions

Trading & energy management

In increasingly complex energy markets and challenging climate conditions, our Trading and Energy Management teams work to maximise value and mitigate risks for both our own assets and those of our customers.

As part of our Trading and Energy Management teams, you will be optimising our energy production, buying and selling physical power in the short-term power markets and trading energy products through exchanges.

Statkraft is the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe and a major actor in the energy and commodities markets. From Asset Management to Trading, it will be up to you to ensure that green electricity is competitive, profitable and successful. And if you are a proprietary trader, you will provide essential knowledge on cross-commodity influences and additional risk management strategies.

Your ability to identify patterns, to evaluate occurrences and developments in the market, and to apply them to the day-to-day business drives not only you but also the energy transition forward.

We employ people within areas such as:

  • Commercial asset management
  • Physical market operations management
  • Trading
  • Proprietary trading
  • Business analysis
  • IT Projects


In the midst of a rapidly changing energy landscape, streamlining financial processes, interpreting and conveying data and predicting future changes is more important than ever.

As part of our Finance team, you’ll be at the core of our business, informing the major decisions that impact our activities.

Whether you work with intelligent automation, process mining, next generation ERP or financial reporting, our finance professionals are key to optimise our growth and maximising the value of our business.

We are looking for financial professionals within areas such as:

  • Accounting & financial reporting
  • Transactions
  • Process mining
  • Business controlling
  • Robotics & analytics
  • Audit
  • Insurance
  • Treasury
  • Tax
  • Performance & risk management

Supporting functions

Human resources find and develop talented people, Procurement manages our relationships with our suppliers and our Ethics and compliance team help the business adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Our support functions are the backbone of the business, providing seamless and value-adding support to the organisation on our mission towards a carbon free future.

As part of one of our expert support teams, you’ll provide the dedicated services and strategic support to our global and rapidly growing organisation.

We’re looking for talented people in areas such as:

  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • Supply chain
  • Sustainability
  • Communications
  • HSSE
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Facility
  • Public Affairs