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Powering possibilities

We believe that renewable energy can power every industry, every business, every community, every home. It can power progress. It can power possibilities.

Electricity has transformed humanity. It lights our homes, our schools, our offices. It powers our machines. It preserves our food and our medicine.
It makes modern transportation and communication possible. Every industry, from manufacturing to healthcare, education, and financial services, depends on it. It’s an inseparable part of how we live, work, and advance as a society.

Yet the biggest source of this electricity - fossil fuels - is also what threatens our planet. It’s a percentage that hasn’t changed for 30 years, leading one to accept the belief that the transition to renewable energy should be a gradual one, and that fossil fuels are still the most practical options.

We disagree.

For us to keep our planet’s temperature below breaking point, meet growing demand, and close the energy gap for the nearly billion people in the world who have no access to electricity, renewable energy can’t be part of the solution. It must be the solution.

The good news is that it can be, today. Statkraft has been making clean energy possible for over a century, long before climate change was a climate crisis – and we invest 100 per cent of our growth entirely in renewables.

We exist to lead the shift to renewable energy. We've been doing it from the start, and we’re leading it today.

Man smiling
"We don’t just commit to a carbon-neutral future. We are all in."
Christian Rynning-Tønnesen
President and CEO