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My Statkraft Experience - Conor Scully

02 Sep, 2021

During Summer 2021, Conor Scully interned with Statkraft Ireland having just finished a Degree in Global Business from Trinity College Dublin. Conor has gone on to start a Master’s in Climate Change Management & Sustainable Finance in Imperial College London. Here, he writes about his experience and what he learned from the team.

"My summer internship with Statkraft was a fantastic experience, during which the value I was able to contribute to the company was reciprocated tenfold.

Over the course of the two months, I conducted in-depth research on the renewable energy sector in Ireland. At the end of my tenure, I had the opportunity to present this information to the team, highlighting the various uses they can derive from the research moving forward, and explaining the insights which I was able to derive from the results of the data myself. I would hope that the research I conducted will be of use to the company for many years to come. Not only did this work help to develop my skills in data collation and analysis, but it also gave me a great sense for the factors which are involved in renewable energy site development.


Conor Scully, Statkraft intern, Summer 2021


However, the opportunities I had to learn extended far beyond the scope of the work itself. Simply being in the office environment (albeit predominantly virtual) allowed me to gain a more refined understanding of how the industry operates as a whole. My colleagues were incredibly open and enthusiastic to share their knowledge with me and explain the nuances of their field.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) team, where I was placed, gave me a sense for the importance of geographic mapping tools in facilitating effective decision making. My workmates in Finance explained the steps involved in securing project finance and agreements with investors. Project managers demonstrated the journey a site takes from development, to construction and eventual operation. The list goes on.

The office had an air of excitement and exuberance surrounding the renewable energy space which was truly contagious. The rate of innovation in battery technology, turbines and beyond constantly provides workers with a fresh working environment and a rejuvenated belief in our ability to solve the associated problems of climate change. These opportunities for change could not be more apparent than in Ireland, where our prime conditions for on and offshore wind help position us as potential leaders of the green transition for years to come.

My internship with Statkraft gave me practical skills and knowledge which I am ever-thankful for, but most importantly, it consolidated my enthusiasm for a career in renewables and for the opportunities which lie ahead. It was a pleasure to work in a company that is acting as a trailblazer in the industry, and where an optimism for the future was truly palpable on a daily basis."

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