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Battery storage PPA & Optimisation

We will maximise the value of your grid-scale battery or flexible generation facility in the short-term energy markets and ancillary services markets.

We provide high-performance and turn-key optimisation services for battery storage facilities:

  • A collaborative partnership approach to optimising your battery storage facility across available markets  
  • DS3 Ancilliary Services participation   
  • Capacity Remuneration Market management 
  • Balancing Mechanism dispatch 
  • Wholesale trading across short term energy markets  
  • Automated solution utilising the Unity VPP 
  • Optimised import and discharge of power for the facility 


To find out more about Statkraft's battery storage optimisation services, download our product flyer.

Case Studies: Battery Storage PPAs & Optimisation

Map of RWE battery case study

Statkraft manages RWE’s Irish energy storage projects

Statkraft provides market access and trading optimization for over 68 MW of stand-alone battery energy storage projects in counties Dublin and Monaghan in Ireland. The assets are being developed by RWE.

Statkraft will help to maximise the value achieved from the battery storage projects by providing overall market access and trading optimisation services. Through a combination of advanced algorithmic trading, with 24/7 expert ‘human’ trader supervision, Statkraft’s UNITY platform ensures that the storage flexibility from the sites is deployed and traded into the right markets at the right time. This can be DS3 System Services or the wholesale energy markets, to support the balancing of the system at peak times.

Statkraft’s services not only help capture the most value today but also help reduce risk and mitigate the impacts of any future changes in DS3 Services for RWE.

  • 68 MW
    Battery Energy Storage
  • 2021
    Entered into operation
  • Services
    Trading and Optimisation, Risk Mitigation

"Building on the established track-record of optimisation of flexible assets in the UK and Europe, there has been significant work within Statkraft to further expand and improve the capabilities of UNITY and our Virtual Power Plant platform for Ireland. This will support RWE and other battery storage developers in Ireland in maximising the value from their energy storage project investments."

Nick Heyward
Head of Energy Storage for Statkraft
Map of the Gore Street battery sites

Market Access and trading optimisation for Gore Street

Statkraft manages 100 MW of battery energy storage projects in Northern Ireland on behalf of Gore Street Energy Storage Fund.

The two 50 MW projects, as of March 2021 the largest energy storage projects in Northern Ireland, were developed jointly by Gore Street and investment and asset-management company, Low Carbon, and energised in December 2020. Battery projects like the Gore Street assets help to maintain system stability by providing system services, which involves rapid power injection or absorption within milli-seconds helping to accommodating greater levels of renewable energy into the grid. Thus, they support Northern Ireland’s transition to a low-carbon electricity system.

They will also be able to trade in the wholesale energy markets alongside provision of system services, using Statkraft’s automated trading platform, UNITY. Statkraft will provide overall market access and trading optimisation services for the assets, helping to manage the projects in the integrated single electricity market and maximise the value achieved across a range of services.

  • 100 MW
    Battery Energy Storage
  • 2021
    Entered into operation
  • Services
    Trading and Optimisation

"We are delighted to have partnered with Statkraft on this important project. As the largest energy storage assets in Northern Ireland we believe Gore Street’s Drumkee and Mullavilly assets have a major role to play in securing the transformation of the Irish electricity market to one that is able to depend on much larger loads of intermittent sources of renewable generation, such as wind, effectively."

Alex O'Cinneide
CEO of Gore Street Capital

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