Renewable energy

Increasing the percentage of renewable energy in the world's energy mix is one of the most important measures we have to limit global warming.

Coollegrean wind farm. Photo: Statkraft

The need for energy is increasing all over the world, and high consumption is creating higher emissions of CO2 and other gases detrimental to the environment. New approaches and alternatives to coal and oil are needed to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Ireland remains heavily dependent on energy imports with approximately two thirds (66%) of its energy being imported. Taking a long term view, and apart from the obvious issues with climate change, it is not desirable for Ireland as a country to be heavily dependent on the importation of fossil fuels especially given that these are being sourced from an every depleting supply.

The UN’s climate panel has concluded that the emission of greenhouse gases is accelerating climate change, and that the emissions must be cut by 50% by 2050.

  • “Increasing the share of renewable energy is one of the most important measures we have to limit global warming. The UN’s climate panel has estimated that we must increase the renewable share from the current 8 per cent to about 80 per cent worldwide by 2050. That is nothing short of an energy revolution, and we in Statkraft want to take part.”

    Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO Statkraft

Growth in clean energy

To produce more hydropower, wind and solar power: As renewable energy sources with absolutely no greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions these are our keys to a cleaner future.

Statkraft has grown to become Europe’s largest producer of power based on these sources, and we will continue to work to deliver clean energy. We are continuously developing renewable energy across the globe.

  • “Statkraft is already Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy and sees Ireland as a key market given its significant renewable energy resources. We are already playing a leading role in the transition to a low carbon future and believe that our experience and capabilities will be of service to Ireland in this transition over the coming years” 

    Kevin O’Donovan, Managing Director Statkraft Ireland